Hours of Operation:

6:45am - 2:00pm

School Hours:

7:00am - 1:30pm

This is SOAR

Parents who are interested in SOAR, or have students currently enrolled, please read the SOAR policy page. You can access the page by clicking the button below.

SOAR works in tandem with Akron Public Schools to give students the best opportunity possible to return to school and prosper. To access the Akron Public Schools website please click the button below.

SOAR operates on the same calendar as Akron Public Schools. To view the Akron Public Schools' calendar, please click the link below.

George Linberger
SOAR/ LEAP Director

and President

Ron Messer

Program Director

Rebecca Capan

Assistant Program Director

JAG Education Services

SOAR Program

65 Steiner Avenue

Akron, OH 44301

(330) 761-7971