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Harbor Education Services

Student Car Wash

Every Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting, the students at LEAP in Kent hold a car wash.


The car wash is from 11:30 until 12:40. However, if we have cars to wash the time may be extended as needed.


For additional information about the car wash, please contact Mr. Jarvis by calling Harbor Education Services during school hours and asking to be connected to him or use extention 5305.

Car Wash Information


Basic Wash: $5.00

  • Includes: Full exterior wash and Towel Dry


Diamond Wash: $8.00                  $1.00 SAVINGS!!!

  • Includes: Basic Wash and Tire Shine treatment


Platinum Wash: $10.00                 $3.00 SAVINGS!!!

  • Diamond Wash, spray wax and Rain X®


Leap Deluxe Wash: $14.00            $6.00 SAVINGS!!!

  • Platinum Wash, interior cleaning and windows



Hand Wax: $15.00

Spray Wax: $2.00

Windows: $2.00

Leather Shine: $10.00

Tire Shine: $4.00

Air Freshener: $1.00

Rain-X®: $3.00

Interior Only: $5.00

All profits from the car wash are reinvested into our students to reward them for their hard work and positive behavior.


Here are few things we have done with the money:


  • Buying note books for students

  • Buying art supplies for students

  • New games or movies for Goal Day Activities

  • Pizza or ice cream party for students

  • Extra allowance for field trips


Some plans require students to clean out the interior of a customer's car. Therefore, in the course of a wash, personal items could be thrown into the trash that weren't meant to be.


LEAP staff recomend that all customers getting the interior of their cars cleaned, remove from their cars anything they do not want to risk losing or being damaged prior to having it washed.


LEAP staff and students are not responsible for any items that are lost or damaged.

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