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Student Testimonial

Hello everyone! I just want to thank you all, especially Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Hepler, and Mr. Dave for helping to straighten my act out so I could do something with my life. It may seem like your jobs are to babysit the outcasts of society but I was one of them. You guys helped give me the wake-up call I needed to become a better person and a valuable member of society. My third grade handwriting still needs improved but I'll get there. With every felon, thief, teen mom, drug addict, that walks through your doors is the potential for a good person who just grew up the wrong way. If it weren't for the LEAP Program I wouldn't have made it and would likely be in jail. But instead I'm serving my country, one of the highest honors and most self-fulfilling accomplishments someone can do. I wish you all the best and thank you all. What you do changes the world and makes it a better place filled with people who turn their acts around and make something of themselves.

You all changed my life. Thank you.

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