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What's Good for School Districts

  • We operate as an offsite classroom.

  • Students remain as residents of the District so the home district receives the state funding.

  • We bill the placing district for services rendered based on a per diem rate.

  • We take total control over all the student's needs and their IEP - keeping you compliant with IDEA.

  • We do not suspend or expel students.

  • We do not kick students out of the program.

  • We do not call parents to remove their child when inappropriate behaviors occur.

  • We can help avoid due process by providing an appropriate alternative education setting.

  • We relieve pressure from teachers and building administration by offering a positive alternative to the public school.

  • We help reduce parental frustration by offering a small setting specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual student.

  • We coordinate with all outside agencies to secure needed counseling services.

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