Summer Newsletter 2015-2016



In the final quarter of school we learned about the metamorphosis of six butterflies. One of the butterflies did not make it, so the whole class watched Mr. P dissect it. It was awesome. I am so lucky to have two of the most awesome teachers in the world. They help me whenever I need help. They have been working really had with teaching me coping skills, which will benefit me for the rest of my life.


Dea’Vion A.


During the last quarter I really enjoyed Group. It was about Anger Inoculation and creating coping thoughts. It is important to create coping thoughts because changing the way you think about a situation can save you from getting upset and doing something inappropriate. I believe group is important because it helps us with life skills.


Dustin C.


I really enjoyed the final quarter of school. We read a book called Hatchet and got to watch the movie when we finished the book. I also like how the group activities relate to every day life. Group really has helped me cope with my anger and ignore negative behavior.


Steven O.


During the final quarter at school we did a lot of fun things. We got to experiment with butterflies. I also got to learn about perimeter and area. One thing cool we did was talk about Greek mythology. I’ve really enjoyed learning about the solar system and the cycles of earth like the Water Cycle.

The Leap Program has changed my perspective of handling my anger. I am catching up on my credits and being able to get a second chance from the mistakes I made in the past. The Leap staff does a good job helping me with any problems I have.




Something that I like about the Leap Program is the teachers. They do a good job helping us to make better decisions. I also like having goal day on Friday because it gives us a chance to be rewarded for being good all week.




The Leap program has changed my life since I started going here. I have learned how to better cope with stressful and tempting situations. Group has taught us coping skills so we can be prepared for real life situations. My teachers help me out a lot whenever I might get off track.



Spring  Newsletter 2015-2016

Classrooms One and Five

The elementary class split into two classes this quarter due to a growing number of students. Vanessa says “Mr. Clark is our new teacher, and he helps me with my work when I really need help.” He and Miss Murrell co-teach the different lessons to both classrooms. Isaiah was so excited to go on the field trip to Imagination Station. “It was so cool and fun. I liked it a lot!” Caleb said the gravity house was fun and it was his favorite, while Addy liked making sounds with the fake guitar. “It was like I was really in a band and playing a guitar.” Gavin liked the gravity house too, but he really liked celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with the class. “I like when he uses words like thing-a-ma-jig and makes all the rhymes like Mr. Gump’s Wump.”


“We know a man called Mr. Gump and Mr. Gump has a seven hump Wump. So . . . if you like to go Bump! Bump! Just jump on the hump of the Wump of Gump!”

Michael’s favorite book is Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.” In language arts, the students are also continuing with phonics cards, and doing well with each additional challenge. “We learn words by sounding them out like when we use our flashcards to make the sounds or the letters,” notes Ky’on. For MeKhi and Jeron, learning about coins and counting money was more fun.


David liked learning about Black History Month. “Martin Luther King Jr. was a good guy who gave everybody rights and let everybody ride the bus, even the white people and the black people.” Nikko didn’t know that Ohio was called the Buckeye State, but he liked the Ohio trivia in social studies. Tyler “really liked talking about the planets and doing the pictures of them and labeling them so we could learn about each planet in the solar system.” Hunter was excited about using Miss M’s inflatable planets to demonstrate how they orbit the sun.

News Letter Classroom 3


I liked the field trip because we got to do hands on things. I really like when we do math because it makes me think more and I am learning more than I have ever learned at school. I also like math because it challenges me. I really enjoy LEAP because here at LEAP they challenge me every day to become a better person. LEAP is really helping me control my feelings and stop and think before I do something.



Here at LEAP, I enjoy all the subjects at school. My particular favorite subject is math, especially when we do Algebra. But I also, like how we read the newspaper every morning because it engages me with not only world news, but also news within my own community. Group is another one of my favorite subjects because it allows me to learn how to deal with thoughts and feelings. I can’t forget to say I like silent ball either!


My favorite subject is Math. I like Math because I mastered division which was something I struggled with before. One day Mrs. R and Mr. P talked about the brain. It was really cool to learn about the brain. We made brain hats that day. I like when we do Group because I can relate to the discussions we talk about.



The thing I like about this year here at LEAP is how Mrs. R and Mr. P teach. When I don’t understand something they make sure to sit down with me and break it down. It is like they won’t leave my side until I understand the work. They do this for everyone in the class. Mrs. R and Mr. P have really improved my math, writing, and reading skills.


I like math and art. I like math because it helps me learn how to count money and I like art because I really enjoy to draw. Mrs. R really does a lot of cool art projects for us. I have grown to really like gym now. I found out that I’m pretty good at soccer and it’s really fun to play.

News Letter Classroom 4

Antonio D

There are several good things about Leap. In group, we learn about how we can achieve our goals and succeed in life. I find this one of my favorite activities because I get information to help solve my problems with stress and peer pressure. Group helps me to reach my long-term goals I have set for myself.


Annalece H

What I learned from my teachers has helped me a lot. We learn about coping skills, peer pressure, compromising, friendship values, and many more things. My favorite subject is science and we’ve learned a lot about biodiversity, biomes, and cells. Everyday I learn something new!


DeAndre W

I've learned a lot this semester. I’ve found a new interest in history because my teacher does a good job of helping me to understand it better. Group also helps me to deal with problems I might be dealing with and problems I might come across in the future. I really like group because I can apply what we learn to real life situations.

Winter  Newsletter 2015-2016

News Letter Classroom 4



We learned peer pressure and stress. What can cause it and how to avoid it. We learned about things that help us in our lives, and how to make better choices. Group is very helpful because it helps us share and solve life problems.




In group at leap, we talked about stressors and ways to cope with stress. We also talked about reputations and we learned how one mistake can change the way people look at you. In academics, we’ve learned how to write creatively. Leap has helped me learn a lot about self control.




This quarter was helpful in many ways. Group has helped me deal with stressful situations. The skills I have learned in positive group has helped me deal with personal issues in a better way.


-Cody S

Classroom 3- Newsletter



The second quarter has been really fun so far. We finally got another teacher named Miss. R. I like how Miss R and Mr. P are always there to help me when I do not understand classwork. Even though the math got harder, they work with me and are always willing to help. I try my best to try new things we learned and accept the challenges they bring. Our new teacher, Miss. R., is fun, nice, and likes to do cool actives.




So far the second quarter for me has been great. I have finally found a home at LEAP. The things I like about LEAP are that both my teachers are willing to help me when I do not understand my classwork. They are also always there when I need someone to talk to. The things I like about this quarter are all the subjects we get to learn about. I especially like group and math. Those are my favorite subjects this year. I really like how Miss. R. and Mr. P. teach us. They make sure we fully understand everything before moving on.


Chandler R.


What I like about the second quarter so far is we finally got another teacher. Miss. R. is good at teaching us and I understand the class work better. My favorite subject is math. I really enjoy the math work sheets we get and I love how we get to learn everyday.


Brandon B.


My second I got a new teacher that is good at teaching. I have improved on getting all my work completed. I have also improved on my behavior. My favorite part about class is when I don’t understand something my teachers are always there to help me and make sure I understand it before moving on. Miss. R. and Mr. P. are always there for me when I need them.





My second quarter is going good. I enjoyed the field trip to the pumpkin patch. Science is my favorite subject this quarter. We have learned a lot about the universe and the water cycle. The school year has been really fun this year.

Fall Newsletter 2015-2016

Classroom 2- Newsletter



                So far this school year we have learned a lot of new and exciting things. During group we have been learning new behavioral skills that help us deal constructively in a variety of situations. For example we have been creating and performing role plays that help each student build confidence and learn how to appropriately behave when we face a failure, get accused of something, and much more. Participating in group helps me limit my distractions in class, and have good days in school.



                In English we are learning about writing poems. It's been really fun creating poems, and using my imagination to come up with unique and funny rhymes. I didn't know there were so many types of poems. Some of the poems my class have been working on are limerick, haiku, acrostic, and cinquain poems. I can't wait to see what other amazing topics we are going to learn this year in English.



                One of the best subjects in school is math. In class we are learning about fractions, and how to simplify them. At first it was a little difficult, but with practice it's becoming more and more easy to complete problems. We have learned a lot of techniques to help us solve problems. For example, we play math games like around the world, and use m&m to make fractions and solve them. Math can be challenging sometimes, but it makes me feel really good when I'm able to understand and solve problems.



What I really enjoy about school is when we do math. I like when Mr. P and Mr. A go over math on the board because they break down every step for the class. I have learned so much in math this quarter because of how Mr. P and Mr. A teach math to the class. I also enjoy going to gym to get active. I like to challenge Mr. P in whatever sport we are playing. (basketball, kickball, and/or football) The one day I cross-overed Mr. P and dunked the ball in his face.





What I like about this quarter are my grades, I have received A’s and B’s on my midterm. My favorite subject this year is math. Mr. A. and Mr. P have really taught me how to improve my math skills.




My favorite subject is math. I like math because I’m doing the best at it, learning it fast and it is much more enjoyable than the other subjects. I also like that in math the teachers help you hands on when needed. I understand things easier when it is in front of me and I’m correcting it with some help. My favorite section of math so far has been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. So far math is my favorite subject, but that can always change depending on what were doing.




My favorite subject is Math. I love learning about exponents and “PEMDAS”. I think the first quarter went well. I feel like I got really great grades, especially in math. Some actives I like doing are goal day and art class. I love watching movies, playing games, and just having fun.


In the first quarter, we learned how to handle ourselves in stressful situations during group. We learned about thinking errors, and behavior problems. We learned a lot in math like learning how to solve equations. The Leap Program has helped me a lot. The groups in the morning have taught me coping skills and how to control my behavior. I have started using these skills in my everyday life. My friends, teachers, and parents have already noticed changes in m behavior. I really like the Leap Program because it gives me a structured daily routine and a rating system that monitors my behavior.

-Josh K


What I experienced while at the Leap Program was so helpful for me. What I like most about Leap is every time I come in the building, they have smiles on their faces waiting to help me with all of my school work. Mr. Dave and Ms. Liza help me 110% of the way through the year.

-Cody P


The leap program is an excellent Program. Staff members here are always caring about the youth. While here, I’ve leaned various good social schools. Some of the social skills I’ve learned how to respond to certain situations. The staff always greets me with a smile on their face. All of the students improve in skills while getting a good education. We’ve learned about Beethoven, different energy forms, states of matter, and various equations in mathematics. The Leap Program is excellent with their students care and education.

-Nate B