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Fourth Quarter 2014-2015 News Letter


All Good Things Must Come to An End…. For Now

We would like to thank the faculty and staff of the LEAP Program for an outstanding year!  We have learned valuable life skills that will carry on with us well after the school year ends.  Not only were we challenged everyday academically; we were encouraged to push ourselves mentally and emotionally.  With the constant support from Mrs. K and Mr. Stanford we feel this year has been a success!  We look forward to continuing to grow as students and people.  Can’t wait to see you next year!

A Trip to 5/3 Field

On May 19th we were able to take a field trip to 5/3 Field to watch our Mud Hens play baseball.  We had awesome seats right behind our home team dug out all while enjoying the tastes and smells of the ballpark.  Hot dogs and popcorn sure made us happy!  We would like to thank Mr. Walkosky and Ms. Simrell for taking us on this exciting trip.  One of our classmates was even able to leave with a foul ball!

First Year


Here is a list of some of the favorite memories from our students throughout the school year…

~The staff playing basketball with the us

~Learning different life skills

~Being rewarded for good behavior with field trips and other fun activities

~The Thanksgiving buffet

~Making my day!

~Being able to play ping pong during free time

~Learning how to weave a blanket

~The Christmas gift tree

~“Caught being Good’ lunches

~Learning how to balance a checkbook

~Reading our class novels

~Learning about inventions from the past



Dae’vion on Group

                Over the course of the school year group has been a place for students to express their feelings, and talk about issues that are bothering them. For instance, if someone is getting bullied or has some type of problem they can share it with the teacher and other group members and find solutions on how to handle the situation appropriately. Recently we discussed anger and how it can impact a lot of different areas of your life. It surprised me to learn that it’s okay to be angry sometimes, but it’s not okay to be angry on a day to day basis. Anger can lead to high blood pressure or even depression. It can also have a negative influence on your relationship with family and friends. All and all group is a place where people care about your feelings, encourage you, and it aims to make you feel better about yourself.


Joey on Social Studies

                I’ve always been a big history fan, and this school year I’ve become an even bigger fan, because of all the new and interesting information I’ve learned during our Social Studies class. My class has been learning so many exciting things about the Revolutionary War, and its significance. It’s always intriguing to learn about our nation’s history, and how it shaped the society we live in today.


Jacob on Mud Hens Field Trip

                My classmates and I try our best each and every day to make sure we do a good job in and out the classroom. When we get rewarded and given the chance to attend school field trips it makes us feel proud about ourselves, because we are acknowledged for our hard work. We have had some really good field trips over the school year, but our trip to watch a Mud Hens game was by far the best in my opinion. I’m a big supporter of baseball, and watching the players play made me realize why I love the sport so much. It also made me want to become a better baseball player myself. I will never forget this experience, and it encouraged me to keep doing well in school.


Cody on Summer Vacation/End of the school year

                The 2014-2015 school year has finally come to an end. I’ve learned so much during my time here at Leap. I’ve met a lot of great people that have been here for me whenever I needed a helping hand or someone to talk to. Overall this school year has taught me a lot about myself, and it has provided me with valuable academic knowledge. Over the course of the summer I plan on practicing all the helping behavior skills I’ve acquired and utilizing all the information I’ve learned throughout the year, so that I can continue to become the best student I can be.

Spring 2014-2015 News Letter


Spring Forward

Classroom One at The Leap Program has a case of Spring Fever! Many of the students are looking forward to the warmer weather and Spring break! Andrew says “I like that it’s going to get warm…hopefully! I can’t wait to be able to ride my bike outside”. Others are excited to visit with family over break and being able to get out of the house more. “I’m going to my grandpa’s house over break and I will get to ride my mini bike” tells Jacob. I would have to agree with the students! This has been a long winter and all of us are looking forward to seeing the sun shining and hearing the birds chirping.

Southwyck Lanes

Some of the students from classroom one earned a field trip to Southwyck Bowling Lanes that took place on February 17th. Students had to make 75% of their days, not get put on frozen, and have no unexcused absences in order to go. “It was good to be able to get out of class and go have fun” tells John. “I liked seeing the turkey on the screen when someone got a spare!” mentioned Dalton. The students seemed to have a great time and many are looking forward to the next planned fieldtrip!

Coping Skills

Coping skills are something that we utilize in our classroom in order to help our students manage their emotions. Some of our classroom favorite include: putting on sound blocking headphones, taking a walk, talking it out, drawing your feelings, and putting your head down. Kalen says “When I am able to draw, it helps me ignore negative behaviors”. These coping skills that are being learned can be utilized throughout many different areas of their lives during difficult situations.

You Were Caught!

Caught you Being Goods are a motivational tool used within the Leap Program in order to encourage students to have good behavior. When students present a behavior that earns special recognition and are “caught” by staff, they receive a caught being good slip. These slips are added to a jar where their names can be drawn for McDonalds, snacks, and many other prizes. “I like getting caught being good tickets, they make kids happy” says Zacc.

April 3-10th- Spring Break


May 1st- No school due to teacher in service day


May 25th- No school due to Memorial Day


May 29th- End of 4th quarter and last day for students


       One of the most exciting things to happen this school year was getting a new school gym. It’s awesome that we have a huge area to exercise and play sports like basketball, softball, ping pong, and catch during the cold winter months. Getting the opportunity to use this gym encourages and motivates students to do their best in school.



       In class we are reading The Giver Quartet, which includes four novels by Lois Lowry. The first book we read was called, “The Giver.” The second one was called, “Gathering Blue.” Now we are finishing up the third book titled, “The Messenger.” These stories are really great to read. Our class has learnt a lot about individuality, standing up for what’s right, the importance of being a good and helpful person in society, and so much more thanks to these amazing books.



       This year every student was given the opportunity to go on a school field trip to a local bowling alley. This field trip motivated a lot of students to do well in class, and make their morning and afternoon daily ratings. Everyone that was able to go to the bowling alley had a great time, and lots of fun. Field trips are a great way to reward students that are trying their best to succeed in school.



       Spring is just around the corner, which means that we’ll be able to have a spring break vacation. Our class has been really busy taking exams, and completing blizzard bags. So it will be nice to have a little break. After returning back to school students will be more energized, eager to learn, and ready to finish up the rest of the school year.


Spring 2015


New Addition Bring New Smiles

The LEAP program is proud to announce the addition of a new facility to our school. We are currently using the attached building as a gymnasium for our students. This provides a large play space during the winter months to continue their growth both physically and socially. Here the students are encouraged to work together in order to achieve a desired goal. They are enjoying the space and look forward to any friendly competition or team game that is being played that day.

Finding Success in Artistic Outlets

Along with our daily studies of standard coursework, LEAP offers Music and Art as electives that are required for graduation.

During the year we have heard numerous positive comments from students enjoying their time in these classes. Some even say Music and Art help them stay focused throughout the day and aid in limiting their triggers. We continue to see improvement everyday with the help of these classes.

Life Skills

Every year we devote time to work on our Project Based Learning experience. This assignment allows the students to work on a variety of skills within the current project. This year’s activity is to design their own personal dream home. With the first step of constructing the floor plan for their home completed, they are now able to focus on adding more details into their home. Our hope is that they can use these tools for any future planning.

Winter 2014-2015 News Letter

John on Santa’s Workshop

       Wow! I’m really excited about Santa’s Workshop. Every student will have a chance to earn tickets every day for good behavior ratings. In December we get to choose Christmas gifts for the people in our lives that means a lot to us. Being able to make someone happy, and put a smile on their face will be wonderful, and the best Christmas present.


Lucky on Reflection of school year/ Class New Year’s Resolution


       The past school year has been really good. There were some difficult times, but with the help of teachers and staff I learned how to deal with tough situations effectively. Throughout the months I have learned a lot in class, and met a lot of new people. I’ve seen a lot of growth in my abilities to do well in school. Our class New Year’s Resolution is to continue to strive for greatness, and be the best students we can be. I can’t wait until 2015!


Elijah on Math


       Math is a really cool subject. I’ve learned so much over the school year, and had a lot of fun. Our teacher gives us really cool math projects that give each student the opportunity to be creative, and use math in many different ways we never dreamed of. For example we made math board games, and learned how to budget money. I can’t wait to see what other exciting things we are going to do in math class.


Cody on Art


       Art is one of the best specials a student can have. It gives us the opportunity to be creative, and express our thoughts and ideas through our artwork. In art we create a variety of different things. For example we make holiday pieces, and have drawing contest and much more. Art is a great way to relax, and let your imagination come to life.


Dae’vion on Holidays


       Thanksgiving and Christmas are two very specials holidays that our celebrated by tons of people just about everywhere. Both of these events are great for spending time with family and friends. We all come together and eat good food, and receive/give gifts to people in our lives that are special to us. Happy Holidays!

Fall 2014-2015 News Letter

Elementary School

First Quarter 2014-2015 School Year

Hop in the Right Direction

     LEAP is a new program under the direction of Mr. Dave Walkosky and Ms. Liza Simrell, the program is off to an exciting start for staff and students. The elementary room uses a wide range of positive reward systems. Each student is evaluated daily to determine if they are eligible to eat first lunch and extra activities. This will also determine Friday goal day. From the staff here at LEAP, we want to extend are thanks for all the support from home.


Academic Note

       In science, we worked on the solar system. Each student was assigned a planet. All students painted their planet and learned about it. Art class students collected leaves outside and made a collage. Reading, math, and social studies are also being studied. This gives a chance for students to work with other students.


Group Note

       Group is a time that students are able to relax and talk about their “Peaks and Pits”. Group is when students learn about appropriate behaviors, consequences, complementing others and coping skills “Group is a time we look forward to”, stated by a student John.


Field Trip Note

       Steven’s Pumpkin Patch is planned for October 21, 2014 in Monclova. The requirements are to make 18 school days from September 12-October 20, no unexcused absences, and no restraints. The students who meet these requirements will go on the field trip with parents permission.


Final Note

       Passports are sent home each day to be signed by an adult and returned the next school day . Any concerns or questions can be put in the passport. The students are adjusting well and meeting new friends here at LEAP. Ms. Mckenzie and Ms. Paige would like to welcome each student and their family .



Middle School

First Quarter 2014-2015 School Year


      Group is really helpful. We talk about behavior problems, and discuss how to handle them the right way. I like the role- playing exercises the most, because they are fun, we get to act out different scenarios, and share them with other group members. We learned how to understand other people's feelings, and be more understanding.


Health and Science

      Our class has been leaning about the human body. We learnt about the different bones in the body, good hygiene, eating healthier, why its good to exercise daily, and alot more. Its really exciting to learn new things about the human body, because we learn how to treat our bodies better.



       During math we learn alot about solving different kinds of problems. We figure out story problems, fractions, find the area/perimeter of shapes, ratios, multiplication, division, adding, and subtraction. Some of the math problems were hard, but our teachers were helpful, and made it more understanding.


Field Trip(Pumpkin Patch)

       This October we are going to a pumpkin patch. We get to go on a hayride, pick a pumpkin, and much more. Its going to be really fun.

Highschool Classroom

First Quarter 2014-2015 School Year

A LEAP towards Success

       We are proud to announce the opening of the LEAP in Toledo, OH. Under the direction of Mr. Dave Walkosky and Ms. Liza Simrell, the program is off to a great start. Here at LEAP students are rewarded for positive behavior. We offer a wide range of positive reinforcements such as lunch specials, field trips and goal day. We have found it very effective to reward positive behavior on a constant basis. With this process we have seen drastic improvement in our students even though the school year has just started. We want to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you soon.

Highschool Classroom

First Quarter 2014-2015 School Year

Goal Day

       Goal day happens every Friday afternoon! It allows the students to kick back, relax, and reflect on the positive week they had. During Goal Day, if students reach all of their behavioral goals, they are awarded the opportunity to do various activities. Some of these activities include; watching movies, outdoor recreational play, having a snack, or extra arts and crafts time. This is a great positive reinforcement for proper school behavior.

Highschool Classroom

First Quarter 2014-2015 School Year

More Rewards!

       The Reward Box is a system that has been put in place at the high school level. The principle behind the box is that the students get rewarded for even the smallest gesture, such as saying please and thank you. They are given a ticket for each positive gesture, which can be used to purchase certain items out of the reward box. Items include; colored pencils, arts and crafts supplies, and selected snacks. This system has been received with open arms from the students. The Reward Box is here to stay!

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