Spring Newsletter 2015-2016

The Minecrafters Newsletter


Language Arts

During the third nine weeks, we have been focusing on writing complete sentences and using those complete sentences to form paragraphs. We have also been reading short stories and answering comprehension questions based on those stories. Also using those stories, we have been comparing the characters, picking out the main idea, and the details of those stories.


Math News

In Math, we have been working on comparing fractions and putting them in order from least to greatest and greatest to least. We have also been identifying lines of symmetry in various shapes and learning about congruent shapes.












Science News

This quarter in Science we have been learning about the different types of clouds and weather patterns. We have also been exploring the ocean and how its characteristics vary from our ecosystem. Currently, we are learning about the life cycle of a frog in celebration of Leap Day.











Social Studies News

We have been learning about many different influential African Americans in celebration of Black History Month. We celebrated the lives of Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Fredrick Douglas. We also spent time learning about presidents. We all picked a different president and gave a short presentation to our friends telling them what we learned in our research.


Group News

During our daily group sessions, we continue to focus and practice our appropriate social interactions with our peers. We have been participating in many different team building activities that focus on appropriate verbal communication, cooperation, and compromising with our team members.


Special Events

There have been many exciting holidays and special events that we have celebrated over these past nine weeks. In February, we celebrated Valentine's Day with a classroom party. We made valentines to hand out to our friends along with some candy treats. We also enjoyed Leap Day! We played numerous frog themed games and the winners earned Leap Day treats. We're looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick's Day with other fun games with prizes.


Classroom #3

Third Quarter Newsletter



By: Caleb       

            In geometry this nine weeks we are working on Sine, Cosine, and Tangent. That is what you use to find the missing angle of a triangle. We use the laptop to do our math on a website called Knewton.com. Our teacher helps us when we need additional help.



Cameron's Comedy Corner

By Cameron

  1. Why did the tree take a nap?

  2. What stays in the corner but travels around the world?

  3. What do you call a dentist who cleans an alligator's teeth?

  4. What did the peanut butter say to the bread? What did the bread say back to the peanut butter?


Algebra II

By: Breanna

            This 3rd quarter in Math class I've been working on an online math class called Knewton.com. I have learned how to solve logarithmic equation. Logarithmic equations are equations that help you solve for any variable with exponents and how you can either use the natural logarithms (ln) or just a plain logarithm (log) of an expression. Currently, I am learning how to graph linear equalities(less than or more than or equal to) and linear inequalities (linear functions that graphs straight lines). An example would be if y or x is greater than then you'd shade above the line, but if y or x is less than then you'd shade below the line. This math website is very helpful because it gives you guidance with videos after and before your next problem with a more in-depth explanation.



By Tyler

            In the past couple months in Science we have been exploring many new and exciting topics. Many of these topics have to do with Earth and Space. In science we have been talking about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. At the moment we are learning about space and how everything works in our solar system. Also how we get seasons and lunar phases. The topics we explore in science are always interesting and we are always expanding our knowledge on new topics.



By Jacob

            In art class we been completing our monthly doors for the door contest. Classroom 3 continues to produce the best doors in the building. We currently are working on ''dot art''. This requires the students to paint a picture only using dots. All the students are working on completing a beach scene.



 Answers: 1. It was a forest (For rest) 2. A stamp 3. Crazy 4. Stop loafing around, I think you are nuts.


Winter Newsletter 2015-2016

The Minecrafters Newsletter


Language Arts

The second nine weeks has been fun and very eventful. We have been working hard on learning to complete sentences and the different parts of a sentence as well. We have been working on learning rhyming words and the different parts of a story. Recently we have been focusing on the difference between fact and opinion statements.


Math News

During our Math lessons we have been learning and practicing our multiplication facts. We really enjoy playing “Around the World” review game together. We have been learning even and odd numbers and how to tell the difference between them. We are currently working on word problems and how to separate the information we need from the information we don't need in order to solve the problem.










Science News

Science continues to be a fun and exciting subject for our class. We have been learning about the different animal groups and classes. We have also been learning about the four seasons of the year and their characteristics. We have also been learning about our five senses and why they are important.


Social Studies News

In Social Studies we have been learning about the many changes that have taken place throughout history. We have learned that the items we use everyday were drastically different in years past, especially through travel and communication. Our class found it amusing the way old cars and telephones looked when our parents were our age. We also took the time to learn about and recognize Veteran's Day.









Group News

In group we have been continuing to work on appropriate social interactions with each other and how to use appropriate words and body language to express our emotions. We have learned different ways to cope with and handle stress in our life. We have also learned to show appreciation and be thankful for things we have, and not to take things for granted. Recently, we have been working on our letters of recognition for someone who has made a difference in our life in a positive way.


Special Events

We have many special events this nine weeks. We have started earning tickets for our new classroom store by completing our assignments and actively participating. We use the tickets to buy different items like candy, popcorn, pencils, and erasers. We have also been working hard to earn Santa Shop tickets. With these tickets, we will purchase gifts for our family and friends for the upcoming holiday season.

2015 Newsletter

Basic Math, By:Tim

In the basic Math class right now we are learning about scientific notations. This shows Mr. Craig where we are at for our Math level. The basic Math class is getting more advanced. Over the last few weeks we have been in Chapter 3; where we have been adding and subtracting signed numbers.


Science, By:Ben

In our Science class we have been doing a Biome project. It's on the Deciduous Forests, Coniferous Forests, and the Rainforests in which we have to draw faunas(animals) and floras(plants) that are native to that specific forest. Other things we have learned are biotic factors, abiotic factors, producers, consumers, decomposers, biospheres, communities, populations, species, and organisms.


Algebra 1, By:Caleb

This quarter there are two students learning Algebra 1. We have been doing Absolute-Value functions as of last week. Before we were working together on solving compound inequalities. We also worked on parallel and perpendicular lines, linear functions, and graphs. Also, rate of changes and slope intercept form.


History, By:Jake

We have been learning about the roaring 20s here at Leap. Things like flappers and bootleggers and who was the president and how alcohol was illegal in the 1920s. Even though people continued to drink it anyways. We also had to do a presentation on the presidents from the past. You had your choice to do a power point or a pamphlet. I was not present to hear the presentations. I chose to do Thomas Jefferson. We had to talk about their early life and the important things about them.


Group, By:Christian

We talked about risk taking. We were asked if we would take a risk, which was take 10 basketball shots from half court and if you made one you were given 20 million dollars,but,if you missed the shot you had to go to jail for 2 years. We also talked about our values, we did our daily thinking error sheets and also went over goal settings. We had to set a realistic goal that we had to accomplish by Friday, March 6th, 2015. To remember this goal we taped it to our desks and kept track of the goal we had chosen. We also did pamphlets on bullying and drugs in which we worked in groups. We did understanding problems that make us angry and/or frustrated.


Language Arts, By:Bre

Throughout the past 9 weeks of school we have received a new L.A. Teacher and her name is Ms. Brittany. She has taught us how to make a plot structure correctly. By reading stories like, “Jack And The Beanstalk”, “The Flowers”, and “Flowers”. Before she came here we were reading “Dead End In Norvelt” by Jack Gantos and somewhat of “Homicidal Aliens”,but,never finished it. We have also been learning new and different ways to interpret things with a new and different teacher.


Fall Newsletter 2015-2016

Miss Jane's Classroom 4

So far in social studies we have been learning about the states and their capitals! We have also learned about 9/11 and how tragic it was what happened in New York. We also learned about presidents and why George Washington is on the one dollar bill. We learn a lot of new stuff and it is fun!

Social Studies

by Xavier and Cole

In math we have been learning multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We have also been playing a game called trashket! Trashket is where you get to try to answer a math question correctly, if you do you get to try and make a basket! We also do around the world and use flash cards to help us learn. I really enjoy math!


by Jocelynn

So far this year, science has been fun! We have been doing experiments. Rubber egg, this is where we put an egg in a glass of vinegar and left it for 3 days. After 3 days we took the egg out dried it off and it had turned into rubber like, it bounces!

We also did an experiment called To spill or not to spill. We filled up a plastic bag with water and stuck a pencil all the way through it!

We have done lots of experiments so far, rippling rainbow, using a glass of water and different food colorings. Floating eyeball, using an egg and a lot of salt in a glass of water. Floating coins, pour water in a jar and drop different coins in to see which float and which do not!


by Cole, Cameron and Garrett

In gym we have been playing lots of soccer, basketball and kickball. We play a lot of games and have fun, we sometimes walk/run the track, play Frisbee and sometimes monkey in the middle! We enjoy playing in gym, this is the best!


by Jeremy, Shaydon, Triston and Solomon

So far in group we have been learning about feelings and how to understand them. We also learned about our families, why they are special and what makes us proud of them! We also learned about fire safety and what to do if this happens at home or at school. And we are learning about anger management and what we can do to make good choices and calm down if we become upset. We really like group it is fun!


by Daniel and Xavier

The Minecrafters Newsletter


Language Arts

The beginning of this school year has been very fun and exciting! In Language Arts, we have been learning many interesting things that will aid us in our writing skills. We have been learning about different parts of speech like nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We are working hard to build our sight words list and our vocabulary.


Math News

In Math class we have been reviewing our basic addition and subtraction skills. We reviewed the place values of numbers and have just begun learning how to multiply by factors of 0, 1, 2, and 5. We continue to improve on these skills every week. We also enjoy playing around the world to review what we have learned. We enjoyed learning how to graph different information, count coins, and also telling time.











Science News

Science has been a very fun and interesting subject during our school days. We have learned bout many fun and exciting subjects like our five senses, the life cycle of a butterfly, and have discussed the food pyramid to help us in receiving the proper nutrition for our bodies. We really enjoyed watching how the germs on our hands grew different types of mold on potatoes! This helped us learn that personal hygiene should be an important part of our daily schedule!


Social Studies News

Social Studies has also been very fun and exciting. We have discussed the many different parts of maps and learned how to use the key to tell us what different symbols represent. We have also learned about our different communities and the many workers and jobs that are within our towns and cities.











Group News

Our daily group activities have been very useful in our everyday lives. We have learned how to cope with our feelings, changes in our routine, and appropriate problem solving skills. We have also learned about the importance of following directions, appropriate verbal communication, and engaging in age-appropriate behaviors. This information has been useful both at home and at school.


Special Events

Already this school year we have had many special events and holidays. We celebrated Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Patriot Day. We enjoyed learning about fire safety and prevention during fire safety week and are currently working really hard to earn our upcoming pumpkin patch field trip!


Quarter 1 Edition 1              October 15 th 2015

by: Spencer and Cody
The door decorating contest started in September. We won it from having the best design. We did the best job. We had a good concept with baseball. We said what we will “hit out of the park” this year. We win, crushing Miss Ashley every time. We hope she doesn't spy at our door. She is a competitive soul. We are doing good this year at the door decorating contest.


by: Jackson and Dakota
When adding and subtracting integers you first must know that an integer is a whole number positive or negative. When adding or subtracting a mixed number, you must find the common denominator. Math class is fun
because you learn all about adding, subtracting , multiplying, or dividing. You need to know this information so when you are an adult you don't need to pull out a piece of paper to do the math on.










by: Christopher and Kolton
The Wringer, by Jerry Spinelli, is about a kid who doesn't want to be a wringer. Palmer does not want to be a wringer because of the fact of
wringing pigeon's neck. Now that Palmer is nine, he only has one year

left before he has to become a wringer. We think The Wringer is a better book than Artemis Fowl.

by: Dakota
In our class we have a barter bucks system. Our teachers use this to show us that not everything in life is free. In this system we all have a fake bank account that seems real. We have to fill out checks.

Throughout the week you

earn barter bucks by doing

your work. If you have a

perfect week, you can have a

total of 25 barter bucks. You

use the barter bucks just

about every day. You buy

things like pencils or cap erasers. They are one
dollar apiece. Different things cost different amounts. I believe the barter bucks system is good. It shows you how to make a deposit and write checks. When you are older you need to know how to do this. I have learned a lot about banking and think this should be done in most schools.


by: Michael, Nic, and Josh
Our class finished a unit on maps and geography and now we are studying famous explorers. There are not many explorers like Alexander the Great. And did you know Leif Ericsson discovered America before Christopher Columbus? Ibn Battuta took 30 years out of his life to travel. These men and more did a lot to discover what the world looks like.