Ms. Pinchot and Mr. Jarvis’s Class:

By: Haley A.

On December 17, 2015, we hosted the annual Santa’s Workshop.  Santa’s Workshop was run by this year’s seniors and juniors along with our great staff members, Mr. Sacco and Mr. Jarvis. The way it worked was the student’s earned tickets for good behavior.  The student’s from the other rooms came into Ms. Pinchot and Mr. Jarvis’ room to buy things for their families.  There were a pair of seniors and juniors at the tables with different items on them at different amounts. There were all kinds of things from candy to toys.  Overall it was a great experience and helped the student’s get into the holiday spirit. 











Ms. Albertoni and Mr. V’s Class

Mrs. Albertoni and Mr. V’s class kept busy during December with counting cans and other food items for the Leap Annual Food Drive.  Because of your generous donations the food drive was a huge success!  Altogether the Leap Program donated 557 food items to the Food Bank at Kent Social Services. Room 107 had the most items and the class celebrated with an Ice Cream Social. We look forward to collecting even more food items next year.


Students are looking forward to the field trip to Kent Lanes Bowling coming up on Wednesday February 17, 2016. Students who have made enough days to earn the field trip will receive a letter to take home for their parent to fill out and return to the school no later than Tuesday February 16, 2016.


LEAP Program







Parent Newsletter

The administrators, teachers, and associates would like to thank you for another successful and productive school year!


The support we receive from you is invaluable.  Together, we are working to make a difference.  Thank you!



Ms. P & Mr. Doug’s Class:

On December 18th, we had our 3rd annual Christmas program. We learned three Christmas songs and we went Christmas caroling! We walked from classroom to classroom and sang songs for all to hear! Afterwards, we had a classroom Christmas party. We ate cupcakes, opened presents and played games. We also went to Santa’s workshop and had a pizza party! We loved earning tickets for our good behavior to buy gifts for those that are special to us. Also, we can’t forget about Mrs. L’s Christmas tree, it was full of awesome gifts and we all got to choose one thing to keep. She wanted to show her appreciation for all the students that brought in canned goods for thehomeless. We had a great week before Christmas break!


Ms. Joy and Mr. Sacco’s Class


Ms. Joy’s class worked on a project based learning activity in science this grading period. After studying the many factors that make up ecosystems, the students then learned how different organisms are affected by both living and non-living factors living in the same ecosystem. They also studied the effects that organisms can have on their environment. Students then applied what they learned by creating dioramas representing individual biomes. Their dioramas represented the accurate climate, animal life and plant life associated with the assigned biome.












Winter Weather School Closing Reminder:

When Kent City Schools are closed, the Kent Leap Program is also closed. You can check channel 3 and channel 5 to see Leap Program Kent Closed.

Winter  Newsletter 2015-2016

Fall Newsletter 2015-2016

Leap Program







Parent Newsletter

The administrators, teachers, and associates would like to thank you for another successful start to the 2015-2016 school year!









The support we receive from you is invaluable.  Together, we are working to make a difference.  Thank you!


  • Ms. P & Mr. Doug’s Class:

On October 7th, we went on a field trip to the Akron Zoo. We saw many different animals. Our favorite animals we saw were the leopards, turkeys, penguins, and cheetahs. We really liked going into the bat cave too, even though it smelled funny. Inside the cave, we saw lots of flying bats and cool, colorful frogs. We also slid down a slide right through the otter tank! The Akron Zoo was so much fun!


  • Ms. Albertoni and Mr. V’s Class

      In Mrs. Albertoni’s class we are doing a novel study of The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. Students are learning about the elements of a story, such as plot, internal and external conflict, climax, setting, types of characters, etc. Students are learning how to identify these elements and how they are used to add drama and

excitement to a story. As we read the novel, we periodically stop to watch the film in order to compare and contrast the film with the book. Students look for and point out story elements that they recognize. As a culminating project, each student will choose a creative endeavor they compose or create to present to the class. Students have a choice of writing poetry, music, rap, painting or drawing,creatinga memory box, acting, etc , to express his/her favorite characters’ role and event in the story.


  •  Ribbon Week:


The week of October 26th is Red Ribbon Week. All of our students will be participating in activities and events aimed at preventing kids from using drugs. We will celebrate drug awareness by supporting different themes throughout the week such as “wear red for red ribbon week”, “wear your favorite team jersey to team up against drugs”,  “put a cap on Drugs” by wearing your favorite hat to school and by making drug awareness posters.


  • Akron Zoo Field Trip

Students earning this privilege attended the Zoo on October 14th!

*Criteria to Earn Field Trips:

In order to participate in any field trip, students must:

  • Make 80% of their days

on the level system;

  • Have zero unexcused absences;

  • Have zero physical restraints;

  • Have no major transportation issues.

It is imperative that all students behave in a safe and respectful manner, and that they represent themselves well to the community at large.

  • Ms Joy and Mr. Sacco’s class


Project Based Learning

Students are enjoying our Literature Studyon the book Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.The students look forward to reading it each week.After we finish reading, the class will get toenjoy the film adaptation of the novel.


In Science, students created a 3-Dimensional Food Pyramid. Groups will also create a forest ecosystem.

The projects are a hands-on approach that helps students see how animals interact in their environments.









  • Vocational Program

The Vocational Program moved swiftly into our Car Wash capitalizing on our 8 weeks of sunshine. The program raised money that will be spent on restocking vocational supplies, investing in classroom projects, classroom parties, and other




Due to the colder weather, our students moved indoors shifting their focus to daily, weekly, and monthly building, grounds, and maintenance duties. The school looks great and the students take pride in their accomplishments