Summer Newsletter 2015-2016

The LEAP Program

Classroom #1

Miss Sara & Miss Tamara

The 2015-2016 school year is already coming to an end. The students have worked so hard all year and here are some of the thoughts from around the classroom:


Felicity mentions that in classroom #1 that she has learned to be more helpful towards others and how to forgive others. Cordell and Texas mention that coming up soon is a field trip. They are trying to earn to go to the Rubber Ducks game and that they can even buy things there. They mention that they hope to go together because they have so much fun. Demetrius and Michael share that they have enjoyed recent art projects they have made for Mother’s Day. They conclude that using chalk pastels is one of their favorite art projects all year. Santos mentions how there are so many different levels of math class going on in the morning. He has enjoyed teaching and working with some of the other students, helping them learn math as well as him. Lauchlan mentions how much he enjoys learning in science. He says that planting our own flowers and using a chart to show growth is something he really enjoys. With the flowers, Lauchlan says he cannot wait to bring them home for Mother’s Day. Kenny talks about how amazing his reading has gotten and that with the help of stations he is now above grade level expectations and hopes to go back to his home school next year.


As you can see, classroom #1 has been working especially hard to improve on academics. As the end of the school year winds down, we have seen so much progress among all content areas as well as increasing our manners and behaviors to be a more positive team within the classroom.


We wish you a safe summer, filled with memories to share with us next year. Until then, thank you for all of your support and efforts to make our students the best that they can be! J


Miss Sara & Miss Tamara


Classroom #2

Ms. Andrea and Mrs. P.


The school year is flying by. We can’t believe this is our last month of school!

Language Arts: Students are learning Homographs, Proverbs, Synonyms, Antonyms and starting to work more on their story comprehension.














Math: Inequalities can be complicated for students to understand because they can be put in many different word forms. We have also been learning more about numbers that are greater or less than each other.














Science:Our class has been learning all about the human body and how it works. We have talked about the respiratory system and how our body gets oxygen through it.













Social Studies: The students are discussing how the world has changed over the decades.












Group: During group with Mrs. P. students are learning to be more mindful of people and their feelings. The students are also working on considering more than one way to get the right answer and looking at others’ points of view.













We have some events coming up:

Currently we are starting our last round of AIMSWEB testing.

The Akron Rubber Ducks Game May 11th

Field Day May 25 & 26













Last day of school May 27th












Thank you for a great final quarter to this school year!


Middle School (Room #3)



Gavin’s U.S. News

A 16 year old boy and his disabled brother finished a 111 mile walk, reaching the steps of the Michigan Capitol after the teen carried his sibling on his back for all but the last half-mile. It was the third and longest journey for Hunter Gandee and 9 year old Branden Gandee, who has cerebral palsy.










Tristin’s Weather Report

Spring is finally here! The showers that usually come with April have been few. We have had 7 straight days of sunshine and rain. This is very unusual for this time of year.









Anthony’s Local News

The Sheraton Suite Hotel in Cuyahoga Falls was recently rated as the number 1 Sheraton in North America in guest rankings. Across the chain, guests are asked to rate hotels on everything from ambience and cleanliness to the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.

Kolby’s Celebrity News

Grammy- nominated singer Andra Day’s image and lyrics from her standout single, “Rise Up” will appear exclusively on 40 million Coca-Cola cups at select McDonald’s, Coke officials said.

Day’s appearance on the red and white cups is an extension of the recently launched “Share a Cup and a Song” lyrics program.










Tommy’s Student Council Report

Our Snack Shop has been very successful this school year. Our number one seller looks to be the Cowtails. Student Council will be having discounts for the end of the year. Room #2 was the winner of the door decorating contest. The next door theme is LEAP. Good luck to all the rooms.






Christian’s Local Sports

For the second consecutive week, Kent State swept the Mid-American Conference weekly baseball awards. Pete Schuler was named the East Division Player of the Week and Eric Lauer was named Pitcher of the Week as both helped the Flashes go 4-0 including a series sweep at Ohio University.


Queitin’s Pro Sports Report

The Cincinnati Bengals released linebacker A. J. Hawk, a southwest Ohio native who starred at Ohio State. Hawk joined the Bengals as a free agent last spring after nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers and departing as that team’s career leader in tackles.


Classroom 4’s 4th Quarter News Letter


Classroom 4 cannot believe that summer is just around the corner!! Classroom 4 is so proud of their graduating seniors! Before we enjoy some sunshine and freedom…let’s take a look at what classroom 4 has been up to the past 9 weeks…


I have learned to subtract integers from each other; I have also learned that you can express a subtraction problem as an addition problem if you use the numbers as opposites. I have learned that real life situations can be modeled with whole numbers and when you divide integers the sign of the quotient depends on the signs of the divisor.


Government & Economics

In Government we have been learning a lot about the differences between buying and leasing homes and cars. We have learned about the difference between the two and which one is the best to go with depending on your financial situation. We have also learned about how important it is to have good credit and how to establish good credit.


World History

In World History I have learned that the Germans were once the most powerful country in the world. I have also learned that the Canadians and the United States have been allies since before WWI. I have also learned about why Canada did not want to be a part of the 50 states.



In English for the past 9 weeks we have been doing a lot of proof-reading in class. We are given a paragraph full of mistakes and we have to go back and fix it. I like doing those because it helps me correct my own writing.


Physical Science

In Physical Science I have learned the differences between sound currents, electrical currents, and magnetic currents. We have also been learning about sound and light waves. One of the biggest facts that stands out to me is that light travels about a million times faster than sound waves.



In Stats we have been learning about different graphs and how to group certain information into a certain graph based on its data. We have been learning a lot about Stem & Leaf plots as well as Binomial trees. I enjoy the trees because it’s a good probability visual.



In the last 9 weeks I have learned about linear equations and how they work. I have also learned about solving equations with more than one variable. I have learned how to graph equations, how to use X & Y coordinates and how they work.


Environmental Science

In Environmental Science I have been learning about the earth’s core and all of the different layers inside the earth. We have also been learning about each layer’s temperatures and functions throughout the past few weeks.



During our specials we have been working on the classroom door as well as therapeutic art projects. In health class we have been focusing on violence and how to prevent it. In Computer class we have been doing a lot of research for our big project for the nine weeks on the Holocaust.



We have been learning about different ecosystems in Biology and what living organisms live in each ecosystem. We have learned about animals’ behaviors versus their natural instincts. We have also jumped into mammals and reptiles, where they live, how they’re different and how they each contribute to different ecosystems.



In our daily Group Sessions we have been working on team building exercises. We have learned how important it is to learn how to work together regardless if you like the person or not. In life you will have to work with others that you may or may not like but the point is to get the task done as quickly as possible and to the best of your ability.


I learned to use a formula to find volume of different shapes. - Wayne


I learned to find surface area for different shaped prisms. - John











Language Arts

We continue to read interesting short stories in class. - Devin


Writing is easier when we work on assignments together as teams. – Steven


I learned several new words to use in vocabulary. - Trent










Social Studies

We learned that the Civil Rights Movement actually began back in the 1800’’s. - Anontae


I learned that World War II has its causes after World War I. – Mitchell














I am learning about different compounds and solutions in Science. -  Jeff













I am learning about the Solar System this quarter and how gravity holds it all together in individual orbits. - Ameer


May 9th, 2016                     NEWSLETTER                              Issue #4


Parents and Students,

Happy Spring! As the weather turns sunny and bright and the school year comes to a close, LEAP Student Council looks back on time well spent as we continue to promote an environment where our students grow and develop strong academic and interpersonal skills.












The Snack Shop is wildly popular! On the last day of each school week, Student Council opens a "store" full of goodies where students and staff alike may purchase treats for Goal Day or to take home for the weekend.  Participation has been great, allowing us to maintain the Snack Shop and develop a decent profit to be used to benefit the program. Looks like it's time to replace the basketballs, again!


















The Door Decorating Contest is almost wrapped up! Recent Themes include: Spring and "LEAP". Many fun and interesting creations are displayed for students, staff and visitors to enjoy. There is a vote this week, followed by the last theme of the year: Summer Vacation! It's almost time for the classroom with the most wins to receive their special reward. Who will it be?



While dynamics in the building have made development challenging, LEAP Student Council continues to look for ways to grow. Any and all support and ideas are welcome!


Message from the LEAP Student Council:

“Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn.”


Spring Newsletter 2015-2016

Classroom 1 uses team work to make the dream work!

Classroom #1 News


Miss Sara & Miss Tamara

Notes from Miss Sara & Miss Tamara

We cannot believe that the third nine weeks is in full swing! Time is flying by. With each new day our students are becoming more independent learners and are able to use skills taught previously this year for current assignments. The greatest gains in our classroom are in being able to read with better fluency and in using mental math strategies towards a variety of Common Core Standards. We are so proud of everyone. Secondly, we would like to give a big kudos to the students who are bringing in box tops. That money goes directly to our classroom to aid in the ability to purchase fun science experiments, new books, and other projects. We appreciate the continuation of the donations.









Now onto Curriculum:

Mathematics: As we are wrapping up mental math strategies with multiplication, addition and subtraction, the students are eager to use these taught skills when dealing with fractions, place value, measurements, and graphs. That is going to be our goal to tackle for the rest of the grading period. We encourage each parent to allow our students to lend a helping hand when cooking, using money at the grocery store, etc., as a way to practice different skills we use every day!

Language Arts: Can you believe how far our students have come with learning how to read?! We are so excited to listen to them read aloud, even when we are explicitly learning in other content areas. As their confidence grows, we are going to further develop skills with supporting comprehension and reading more literature that connects to real life events; such as, black history month and biographies. With an emphasis on a teaching philosophy of Bloom’s Taxonomy, the students will be at the developmental point where they can use their analytical skills to teach and explain their points of view. We will be beginning different research projects and exploring language skills through narrative writing and informative essays.










Science/ Social Studies: We are beginning to learn how to explore our physical world in science. With light and sound, magnetics, and other experiments, students are able to use math and science in an exciting way. In social studies, as we learn about great people who stamped their place in history, in addition to Black History Month, students will gain knowledge about “People We Know.” Our focus will be on gaining knowledge of surrounding important personnel that helped shape the world as we know it today. This will be leaving us with the 4th nine weeks to study the matter of people in the world.

We will continue to work together as a team to demonstrate how great of students and individuals each child is within the classroom.


Here are a few notes from the students:

Lauchlan tells us that a few students from our classroom get to go to the planetarium on February 10th 2016. He also mentions it is at the William McKinley Museum to enjoy, along with Discover World and the History Museum. Raven is excited to share that he is working hard learning about culture in Social Studies. He shares that some cultures have different traditions and make different arts and speak other languages. Kenny announces that he is learning about famous writers who made their stamp on history with great books such as: Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Walter Dean Myers, and Virginia Hamilton. Kameron celebrates that he loves math. He actively participates with multiplication, regrouping on triple digit addition and subtraction, as well as working hard to get to division. Bentley’s creative side gets to explore the classroom with his favorite morning journals. He says that he gets to tell about different made-up characters, and he likes being able to write long stories. He says we are also working on Narrative Writing and punctuation as well. Tyler and Texas unanimously agree that they enjoy learning activities on the iPad. They enjoy playing all the learning games. Lastly, Felicity tells us that she loves doing group every day. Her favorite part is going through different social scenarios and figuring out how to better handle and manage appropriate behaviors.



With many blessings,

Miss Sara& Miss Tamara


Classroom #2

Ms. Andrea and Mrs. P


Can you believe that it is now the end of the 3rd quarter? Here’s a look into our school days.


Language Arts: Students are learning different ways to use commas including yes/no, tag questions, and direct address. We will be working on using commas in stories while writing their own!







Math: Finding and plotting coordinate planes can be a tricky one. But classroom #2 is catching on quickly to the concept. They have been able to work with partners with white boards to create their own coordinate planes and try to trick their partners.







Science: Our class has been learning all about different kinds of living animals and plants, from birds to mosses. We will learn about different types of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.







Social Studies: We have been studying the various wars throughout the years and The Great Depression. We will be working with World War 2 and the Cold War beginning in April.







Group: During group with Mrs. P, students have learned not to spread rumors about other students and friends. They discussed how this could be hurtful for the people you are talking about.











The students often discuss and review different coping strategies to use when feeling nervous, anxious, mad, frustrated, etc.








LEAP Program

Middle School (Room #3)

Third Quarter


Tristen’s U.S. News

A law was filed stemming from Flint, Michigan’s lead contaminated water on behalf of the city’s residents. It is filed against Governor Rick Snyder as well as other current officials and corporations. It argues that officials failed to take action over “dangerous levels of lead” in the drinking water and “downplayed the severity of contamination” in the financially struggling city.











Christian’s World News

North Korea issued its largest belligerent threat, warning of an indiscriminate “pre-emptive nuclear strike” on Washington and Seoul. It is due to the reaction of huge U.S. and South Korean military drills. The U.S. takes the North Korean threats seriously and called on them to cease provocative rhetoric.










Raven’s Local News

Several presidential candidates will be making stops in Northwest Ohio this week in advance of the March 15th primary. Hillary Clinton will appear Tuesday in Cleveland. John Kasich will appear in Broadview Heights on Tuesday. Donald

Trump will also appear Saturday at the IX Center in Cleveland.









Blaise’s Local Sports

Kent State’s 2015-16 season was marred Monday night in an abrupt, unexpected end to the Golden Flashes’ hopes in the M.A.C. Conference Tournament with a 70-69 first round loss to Bowling Green at the M.A.C. Center.











Mike’s Pro Sports

The Brown’s have expressed interest in Jacksonville Jaguars’ center, Stefen Wisniewski. The 6 foot 3, 305 pound Wisniewski has started all 77 regular season games in which he has appeared.



Tommy’s Weather Report

It looks like winter may be over. The snow is gone and we are experiencing warmer weather. Temperatures in the mid to high 60’s are predicted for all of this week. Hopefully, it will not be long until the flowers bloom and the leaves grow back.












3rd Quarter News Letter

Classroom 4

Ms. Montalto

Mr. Thom

Classroom 4 has been wrapping up the 3rd nine weeks…wait did I just say that?! The 3rd nine weeks is over already? Classroom 4 can’t believe how fast the school year has flown by. I suppose time flies when you’re having fun!! Lets take a look at what classroom four has been up to…


“I feel as though I have learned a lot in stats the past 9 weeks. I’m even becoming more comfortable with the new material. I have recently been learning how to solve different combinations, the probability of different combinations, and using factorials.”



“I have learned that a venn diagram is a drawing that uses geometric shapes to show relationships between sets of objects. I have also been learning about finding the area of circles and triangles.


World History

“In World History we have been learning about Napoleon III. Napoleon was an evil dictator who was eventually over thrown for his bad behavior.  I have enjoyed this section of World History a lot.


Environmental Science

“We recently just wrapped up an astronomy unit which was a lot of fun to learn about the galaxy we live in. This week we dove into ecosystems and we are looking closely at each Biome and what lives in it and how it works.”



“We have learned about different types of sea creatures and how differently they act from each other. We have also learned a lot about different types of spiders and how they are carnivores. “



“ In Government we have been learning a lot about saving money and the pay yourself system. We also have learned a lot about checks, checking accounts and how to keep your money balanced so you don’t get into debt.”



“ In Algebra we have been learning a lot about linear equations and how to graph them. There isn’t one type of linear graph or equation. There are a lot and we have been learning about each one.”



“During the month of February we spoke a lot about Black History Month. We learned about how there used to be slaves and their struggle for freedom. Hearing about Martin Luther King JR was also very inspiring.”



“In our specials we devote time to art, health, and music. For art we do different seasonal projects and work together as a class for the monthly door. For health we not only learn to take care of ourselves physically but mentally as well. In Music we talk a lot about older composers.”



“ Recently in English we have been learning about the different types of verbs and how to properly use them in a sentence. We also have been reading for our new book project and learning about logical reasoning by solving a mystery.”


We learned how our government is based on the government that Ancient Rome had. - Wayne

We learned about the Western Indian tribes this quarter. - Ameer











I learned the formulas for circumference and area of a circle. - Andrew

In Algebra, we learned how to use Order of Operations and square roots. – Trent

I learned my times tables for 10, 11, and 12. - Joshua










I learned about the different types of compounds and how they are formed. - Dylan


I learned that natural resources need to be protected. – Mitchell



I learned that we are building a wall garden next quarter so we are looking at crops to grow. - Megan










We read a poem about wolves that was very interesting. - John


We learned about the poem “The Raven” and it was very interesting this quarter. - Jeff










The students are hard at work, but tired of the cold weather.  Some of the students missed having snow days this year.  They are looking forward to the Spring.  – Ms. Miller



March 16th, 2016                                            NEWSLETTER                                                        Issue #3


Parents and Students,

Happy St. Patrick's Day! With the Luck 'o the Irish, LEAP Student Council looks forward to continuing to promote an environment where our students grow and develop strong academic and interpersonal skills.



Student Council continues to run the Snack Shop on the last day of each school week. The participation from staff and students has been great, making it possible to continue this popular project. We recently set a sales record, taking in over $100 in a single day! Funds generated will continue to be used to maintain all Student Council functions and also to support any/all new projects. Parents, students and friends of the program are encouraged to submit suggestions at any time. Contact Mr. Thom at the Green Location any time between 8am and 2pm.



Student Council continues to challenge each classroom to a monthly door decoration contest with a pre-selected theme. Recent Themes include: Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day. Many fun and interesting creations are displayed for students, staff and visitors to enjoy. Winning classrooms receive coupons to the Snack Shop, and the class with the most wins at the end of the year will receive a special reward. Thus far, it has been a 3-classroom race. All eyes are on Classrooms #3 and #6 for a breakthrough victory!



Student Council supports the LEAP Program's new venture to recognize its students for individual achievements by naming a "Student of the Week" each week of the school year. Recent winners have had their name entered into a drawing for weekly fast food treats. A Student of the Month recognition earns a display on the bulletin board outside of Classroom #5!



Student Council membership is a privilege that is earned and must be maintained. All staff should take the time to congratulate, recognize and support the Representatives.


Message from the LEAP Student Council:

“May the blessings of the day be the blessings you need most!”


January 6th, 2016                           NEWSLETTER                                           Issue #2


Parents and Students,

With the start of a new year comes great opportunities to make things better, change things that need to be changed, eliminate things that did not work and keep our eyes on the future. LEAP Student Council looks forward to ringing in the new year by continuing to promote an environment where our students grow and develop strong academic and interpersonal skills.


Student Council runs a Snack Shop on the last day of each school week. An inventory of various goodies is available for purchase to all students and staff at Green. The Snack Shop is what makes Student Council self-sufficient. The participation from staff and students has been great, making it possible to continue this popular project. Funds generated will continue to be used to maintain all Student Council functions and also to support any/all new projects. Parents, students and friends of the program are encouraged to submit suggestions at any time. Contact Mr. Thom at the Green Location any time between 8am and 2pm.


Student Council continues to challenge each classroom to a monthly door decoration contest with a pre-selected theme.  Many fun and interesting creations are displayed for students, staff and visitors to enjoy. Competition continues to escalate! Winning classrooms will receive coupons to the Snack Shop, and the class with the most wins at the end of the year will receive a special reward. So far, it is a very, very close race!


Student Council supports the LEAP Program's new venture to recognize its students for individual achievements by naming a "Student of the Week" each week of the school year. This youngster will be eligible for various rewards and privileges within the classroom and special rewards from LEAP administration and Student Council.


Student Council membership is a privilege that is earned and must be maintained. All staff should take the time to congratulate, recognize and support the Representatives.


Message from the LEAP Student Council:

“Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn.”

Winter  Newsletter 2015-2016


I learned to build a roof using right triangles. - Wayne


I learned that if I want to work construction I have to read a ruler and learn geometry. - John











Language Arts

We are reading interesting stories in class. - Devin


Writing essays can be fun when we do them together in class. – Steven


I got an “A” for editing my journal for punctuation. - Trent









Social Studies

We learned that the Plains Wars started because the government broke treaties with the Indians. - Anontae


I learned that cities in Europe began the middle class. - Mitchell











I learned that energy does not just disappear, it just changes form in the universe. -  Rondel


I learned that developing renewable resources is a must for a healthy planet. - Ameer

Second quarter newsletter

Classroom 4


Classroom 4 cannot believe that we are already halfway through the school year! Time seems to be flying by so quickly. Before we know it our 3 seniors will be graduating and we will be on summer break. But for now this is what classroom 4 has been up to….


            This nine weeks we have learned about 2 different types of governments, local and state. We have also learned about different types of taxes, sales, income, and property tax. We have taken the time to learn about each tax, how they work and why they’re important to us as a society.




            What we have learned in biology so far has been how fossils help determine the name and type of extinct animals that were around before our time. Also, fossils were use to determine how old these animals were and how long ago they did exist.




In geometry we have been learning about points, lines and angles. Eventually the beginning steps have helped us identify parallel lines and perpendicular lines. Knowing the difference between different kinds of lines has helped us learn about lines, rays, line segments and other parts of lines.




            In environmental science we have been learning about water, pollution, air and precipitation. We have learned about how pollution affects the air we breathe and what affect it has on the water around us all. We have also learned about the water cycle and how pollution can affect that cycle.




In art class we are always sticking with themes. Since the past 9 weeks has been over the holiday season we have been making holiday cards, decorating our door, drawing pictures to match our holiday stories for English class and decorating ornaments.




            In health class we are learning about many different topics. We have discussed STDs, how to treat them and how they can be transmitted. We have also talked about different kinds of drugs and how they can negatively affect your body.




            We have learned a lot about ancient Egypt and the pyramids. We also learned abut the Silk Road in China. Recently we have been learning about the printing press and how much faster printing became.          



In physical science we have been learning about all different types of waves. We have learned that waves bend when they pass an edge of an object. We have also learned about the reflection of waves, what can interfere with waves and all the other characteristics of waves.

            A period of a wave is the time it takes for a wave to pass a certain point. The frequency of a wave is the number of wavelengths that passed the point in a certain time. Wavelength is measuring the distance of the wave.




            In group we have learned about a couple of different things. One of the most important topics to me would be responsibility. We have learned that taking responsibility is important. For example, cleaning up after yourself, or taking responsibility for negative actions. I have learned that it is very important to be a responsible person in life. If you’re not then I don’t believe that you will be successful in life.




            In algebra we are learning how to graph and how to use the formula y=mx+b to plot or find points on a graph. After mastering that formula we moved on to rise over run which is how we must plot a point by first going up or down the y axis then over on the x axis.




            In stats we have been learning how to find the probability for different types of situations. We have been learning about classical and empirical probability. We learned how to do dependent and independent events, as well as learning the different formulas and symbols that go along with each situation.




            For computer class we have been writing our WHO I AM MAKES A DIFFERENCE paper. We had to type a letter to someone who makes a difference in our lives and give it to them over break. Before that we are in the process of writing research papers about a topic of our choice. We will type it up and present it to the class.




            In English class we are given a list of vocabulary words every week that we must know by Friday. I am also learning how to use the proper tense while writing (future/past). I have also learned how to break down a sentence to make sure it is formatted correctly. I also enjoy writing short stories.





Middle School (Room #3)

Second Quarter Newsletter






                    Gage’s Local News

A charitable donation is ensuring four Toledo police dogs will be outfitted with protective vests in the new year. Body

armor will keep Charly, Cigo, Hugo, and

Zola safe while they patrol the city. The vests serve as a barrier for the animals against shooting and stabbing attacks.




Zyonn’sWorld News

The World Health Organization declared

the Ebola outbreak in Guinea a huge

step in the fight against the world’s largest

epidemic, and the first time there are no

known cases anywhere since the virus

started in Guinea two years ago.





              Tommy’s Student  Council Report

Our snack shop has been very successful so

far this school year. We had to shut it down

the end of December because of Santa Shop, but are planning on cranking it back up for the second semester.

Markim’s Local Sports

Hoban defeated Akron East 85-51. Brenden

Spaulding scored 17 points for the visiting Knights (5-1) in a blow-out win over the Dragons (1-7). Senior Eric Beasley scored 11 points for the Dragons.


Javon’s Pro Sports

No one knows for sure when Tiger Woods will compete again, and that includes Woods. Still, there were indications this month that he wasn’t ready to retire. The waiting game will continue in 2016, and who knows how much longer?








Kolby’s Weather Report

Our weather has been very unusual. The month of December was the least snowy and warmest ever in the Akron-Canton area. The daily temperatures in December were in the 60’s on five different days, in the 50’s on 12 days, in the 40’s on 9 days, and in the 30’s on 3 days.

Classroom #2

Ms. Andrea and Mrs. P


     I can’t believe how fast this school year is flying by! We are almost to the end of the 2nd quarter already. Here’s a look into our school days.


Language Arts: This quarter we are working on correct punctuation and sentence structure. The students have written many stories using given prompts.


Math: Some students learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions while converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, while other students were learning to multiply and divide multiple digit numbers.


Science: We talked about Newton’s Laws of Motion and started working on germs. The students did an experiment with bread to see if the bread that just the teacher touched or the bread that they all touched would grow mold more quickly.


Social Studies: The students LOVED learning about Pearl Harbor! They were interested in asking questions and learning as much as they could about it. We are now looking at the individual states of the United States of America.


Group: During group with Mrs. P. students learned the correct way to give others compliments. They have recently moved on to accepting consequences for their actions and apologizing.


Here’s to a great last half of the school year!

Including lots of knowledge along with fun!



Wonderful Things Moving Ahead Into A New Year!


Classroom #1 December News

The Leap Program

Miss Sara & Miss Tamara



Wow! We are already moving out of the holiday season! Which means, the end of the second nine weeks is almost up. I hope everyone is seeing the great improvements and foundations we are setting within the classroom. Between reading more independently, to mastering math addition and subtraction with goals of multiplication after the new year, I am very excited to see great work produced even more as time will allow. I wanted to personally say thank you to everyone who is involved in our students’ learning. With support from the home front and small group instruction in the classroom we are able to get great curriculum in very productively each week. Our classroom was able to, before the holiday break, have the students write back and forth with Santa and his elves, as well as work as a team to create different projects to bring in the New Year. I am proud of every single student within the classroom. I can only hope that you are seeing the improvements as much as I am every day.



Now onto Curriculum:

     Mathematics: With four different levels of learning in math for each daily lesson students are working on number identification, single digit addition and subtraction, double digit and even triple and more addition and subtraction. As the students dive into multiplication, Kenny and Kameron adamantly suggest that this is their new favorite learning topic.

     Language Arts: Within the Daily 5 program students are engaged within different stations to allow them to see and learn how to read in different formats. They love the listening to reading station so if you have any books on CD or tape that you would like to donate the students are able to read and following along to reading in a read aloud way. This allows them to listen to fluency in a fun way. We are also mastering how to write a full paragraph with a topic sentence, 4-5 detailed sentences, and a closing sentence. We will begin to write Narratives (including poetry with limericks and Haiku’s) and essays as the third nine weeks begin.

     Science/ Social Studies: As we wrap up a fun dinosaur unit that went over fossils, paleontologist’s job description, and earth science, we are excited to explore nature and all of its different materials as the new year begins.  Currently, we are working on weather, water cycle, and clouds. Science is Lauchlan’s favorite subject as he loves exploring a “new terrain” and digging out different fossils we have made. I am excited for the students to be investigators in a unit that will challenge them to figure out different mysteries using clues and out of the box thinking while “working as an FBI agent.”

We will continue to work together as a team and demonstrate how great of students and people every child is within the classroom.

Here are a few notes from the students:

Lauchlan tells us that a few students from our classroom got to participate in the field trip. There, they got to pick out pumpkins and pet a goat!  Kameron tells us that we are learning about someone special in our life and how they make a difference. We are writing letters to them and thanking them for what they have done for us. Raven tells us that food chains make up the food webs. Food webs change as time goes on! Kenney tells us that we are learning how to do double digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. Math is Kenny’s favorite subject.  In science, Bentley tells us how we are learning about dinosaurs. We even got to make our own fossils with clay of the dinosaur we are studying. We also get to research our own dinosaurs. While learning about cultures Felicity tells us how we get to earn and use tickets for Santa Shop to buy gifts for her family!

Notes from the Miss Sara & Miss Tamara:

Students are diving into the Daily 5 reading program each day to help reinforce their resiliency of being an independent learner. We are working very hard in our class to get ready for multiplication after the holidays. Students have done a very nice job in art making different color hues of shading and landscape portraits.




We hope everyone had a fabulous time over the holidays and got to spend it with family and friends with cheer.


With many blessings,

Miss Sara& Miss Tamara

Fall Newsletter 2015-2016


I learned that the word of means to multiply in Algebra. - Wayne


I now know how to solve problems involving order of operations and find the perimeter of four sided figures. - John









Language Arts

We are learning how to edit our journal entries before we get graded. - Devin


We read the story, “Swans”, about a boy who falls asleep watching swans and his family can’t find him. - Steven









Social Studies

We studied about the Declaration of Independence and how important it was for America. - Anontae


I learned that it was advancements in technology that lead to the discovery of the  Americas. - Mitchell












We learned about Mendel’s experiments with genes and how he developed a gene tracking system. - Robert


I learned about the Milky Way and that there are millions of other galaxies in space. - Ameer




1st Quarter News Letter!!Classroom #4

Teacher- Ms. Montalto

Behavior Specialist- Mr. Thom

New classes, new teachers, new classmates…with all of these fun changes lets take a look at what we have learned

Austin- World History


“In World History we have been learning about all of the different Greek Gods, their names, and their special powers. We also have been learning about Greece, their wars and who had fought against who.”

Ashley- Government


“So far in Government we have been learning about the 3 branches and how they work and relate back to each other. We have also learned how our country came to be.”

Haley- Physical Science


“We have learned about particles in solids & liquids. We have also learned about how solids, liquids and gases can all relate back to each other when a chemical or physical change happens. We just finished learning about atoms, neutrons and electrons. “

Austin- Door Decorating


“Every month LEAP holds a door decorating contest and each month’s theme is different. So far we have done a fall theme and Halloween theme. The decorations are hand crafted by fellow classmates while Ms. M. comes up with creative ideas. It is a team effort each month.”

Grant- Algebra


“What I have learned about Algebra from the last few weeks is how to separate or get a variable by itself. I have also learned 2 step equations and about different types of graphs.”

Drake- Statistics


“In stats I’ve learned how to calculate the standard deviation for a set of data and how to find the variable deviation. For stats we usually work together to learn the material then we will work alone to do the assigned homework.”



“We learned a lot about thinking errors. We also learn skills on how to cooperate with each other. We share our opinions on what we have learned throughout our experiences. We also have learned how to deal with real life situations. We learn how to correct our thinking errors and how to be more responsible for our actions.”

Matt- English


“So far English has helped me read and write a lot better. The book report we just completed helped me with my spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. I enjoy writing letters in class because I then get to express my creativity. I enjoy reading more now that I have improved my reading and writing skills.”

Haley- Health


“In health class we have learned about the relationships between family, friends and romantic partners. We have discussed healthy & unhealthy relationships. We’ve also learned about proper exercises we need and hours of sleep we should get to stay on a healthy path. We have just started talking about the different systems in our body. We have covered the endocrine & muscular system.”

Hanah- Environmental Science


“So far I have been learning about how rocks move and cause changes to the Earth.  I have also learned the differences between the 3 different types of rocks. When the Earth’s crust grinds together it can form an earthquake. We have been learning a lot about earthquakes and how they can impact different parts of the Earth.”

Samantha- Biology

“We have been talking about the invention of the microscope and how it relates back to the history of cell theory. We have also been learning basic cell types and cell diversity.”



“In group I learned about how to deal with a situation better instead of fighting it or dealing with it in a way that’s not right. I have learned that sometimes it is better to just walk away and revisit the problem in a calm way.”


Middle School (Room #3)




            Markim’s Local Sports

Nordonia junior Anthony Perrine recalls

scoring three TD’s in pee-wee football games when he was 6 or 7 years old. Scoring 6 TD’s in a high school game seemed “unreal” to Perrine until Friday night when Nordonia upset previously

undefeated Brecksville. Perrine also broke a school record of 343 yards rushing.


Javon’s Pro-Sports Report

Charlotte Hornet’s forward, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, is expected to miss six months after having right shoulder surgery. The team’s top defensive player tore his labrum and dislocated his shoulder in a preseason game vs. Orlando.


Tommy’s Student Council Report

Our Student Council is up and running. Each room has a representative voted by the students. We have started up our Snack Shop and are offering a new assortment of goodies to be purchased on Fridays.




Brian’s Local News

Nicholas Sibbio, a Walmart night manager in Fairlawn, turned himself in to police on grand theft warrant and was booked at the Summit Count Jail. Nicholas had taken more than $100,000 from the store safe.








Tristin’s World News

Fourteen elephants were poisoned by cyanide, in Zimbabwe; in three separate incidents, two years after poachers killed more than 200 elephants by poisoning, Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said.



Kolby’s Weather Report

Our weather has been nice so far this fall. We are ready for cooler temperatures so the leaves will turn colors. The only problem with that is that we will have to rake them all up.

October Newsletter


            I can’t believe that we are almost to the end of the first quarter. This school year has been flying by. In class we have been learning how to divide, The War of 1812, The Planets, and Reading Comprehension. Report Cards will be sent out soon and along with that will be their AIMSWEB testing scores.


            Please remember that October 28th is field trip day. We will be going to Nick-a-jack farms. We will be sending out permission slips. Also on October 30th we will be celebrating Halloween. We will have trick- or- treating and games. Please feel free to send in treats if you would like.





                             Miss. Andrea

L.E.A.P. Classroom #1 Edition


Miss Tamars’s and Sara’s Classroom Edition


     Hello Everyone! We are very pleased to be working with such wonderful children day in and day out. Our classroom has been filled with very many hands on activities and engaged learning to strengthen our skills on all core content areas. A few of the students have something fun to stay they have done this year: “In gym, we are playing football and basketball. In basketball we play knockout. It is a game about shooting baskets. If you make a basket you knock out that person”-Bentley. Lauchlan talks about different ideas in social studies. We are learning to read and interpret maps. We had to help Miss Sara get out of our class by giving her cardinal directions to the exit. This was funny because we accidently made her run into things when we told her the wrong cardinal direction on accident. Then we made a big map outside where we had to get our partner to all of the cones using cardinal directions. We had a lot of fun.”  Demetrius then told us how you can earn a field trip here at the LEAP program. He said that you have to have an excellent month of green ratings, have no write ups, cannot have an unexcused absence and cannot have more than 5 red days. He is excited for the field trip!  Our friend Felicity talk about how she enjoys group time. She says “In our morning group we have been talking about being kind to others. We are also talking about using nice manners. We also received a new toothbrush and talked about hygiene. Kenny told us how we are working hard in math. He said that “we have worked on adding… and that he loves adding and his teachers love how well he does it. He says that he is working on subtraction. He loves addition and subtraction. He goes on to say how telling time he is the very best at. Lastly, he states that he is good at word problems because they are fun (we get to draw them on whiteboards and make funny pictures about the word problems).”  Raven goes on and tells us how we get to do stations in reading. He says that “We get to do the Daily 5: this is where we get to listen to reading, read to someone, read to self, listen to reading, and read on the computer.” Kameron says that he loves how when he does extra assignments within the classroom how he gets a sticker. He then gets to try and fill up the sticker chart to get a prize.  As you can see Classroom 1 is doing great hard work in it. Miss Sara believes that her students should believe in themselves and work towards being a more independent learner through hands on engaged activities for all content areas.


Miss Tamara’s and

Sara’s Classroom #1