Kent LEAP Newsletter

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  • Ms. Schaffer & Mr. Doug’s Class:

Zoo Field Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Elementary classroom is very excited about our field trip. Here is what they have to say:

Izzy, The horse is my favorite because I like to ride them.

Chase, My favorite animal is a bunny because they are so cute.

Jaylen, My favorite animal is a monkey because they take bananas from people.
















Ms. Pinchot and Mr. Jarvis’s Class:

Leap Car wash: We are pleased to announce the 5th year of washing cars, inside and out, at the Kent Leap Location. As part of our vocational program, our students have done a great job managing finances and supplies, advertising, customer service, and providing a great service. This year we will provide:

  • Basic Wash, $5, soap and towel dry.

  • Basic In & Out, $10, Basic and vacuum and windows.

  • Diamond Wash, $10, Basic and wheels and tire shine.

  • Platinum Wash, $13, Diamond and spray wax and Rain X.

  • Leap Deluxe, $15, Diamond & Platinum and Interior with Air Freshener.

Stop by or call to make an appointment! Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:10 to 1:20, weather permitting.


  • Ms. Vaughn, Mr. Odon & Mr. Mogus’s Class

The students participated in the Random Acts of Artist’s art abandonment project. As part of our Project Based Learning assignment, each student (anonymously) painted a picture of their choosing and all were wrapped and hidden in Downtown Sharon, PA for people of Waterfire to find! These works of art are totally free to whoever finds them. It’s just a way to spread a little joy within the community.

Art can often be applied to any subject area to help build more interest in what is being learned. Here are two different art activities for math! The first activity gives students a way to organize the number system in a hands-on way. The second one was introduced with a math symmetry activity were we talked about symmetry about an axis. I then asked them how this idea could be related to the human body. Once they discovered that the human body was symmetrical I allowed them to pick a famous person they wanted to work with. These are the results!









  • Ms. Joy and Mr. Sacco’s Class


Field Trip to Akron Zoo

 Students at the Leap Program have the opportunity to earn a field trip to the Akron Zoo on Wednesday October 26th, 2016. Students earn the privilege by making 75% of their days for entry level thru level 4, or 65% of days for level 5 and up. The students do not need to bring any money, but can with parental permission. The Leap program will cover all costs. The students will leave school at 10:00 am and return by 1:30. Each student will enjoy a sack lunch at the zoo while we visit all their favorite animals and exhibits.  Students need to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. .  Let’s






hope for good weather and a fun and happy day for all!
















  • Mr. Messam & Mr. Gordon’s Class

We have been working hard on our Project Based Learning assignment of how the Industrial Revolution started, the students have been working on a research based project about an invention.  Some of the inventions are: Bessemer Process, Anesthesia, Steam Engine, Locomotive, and the Iron Bridge.  The students are acting as if they are the inventor of the product, and creating a sales pitch to get an investment from the billionaire entrepreneurs, Mr. Messam and Mr. Gordon.  We are excited to see how the projects turn out and cannot wait to dive into more projects!


The support we receive from you is invaluable.  Together, we are working to make a difference.  Thank you!