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Second Quarter News Letter 2016-2017

1st Quarter 2016 Newsletter Garfield Heights Leap High School

 Field trip to Luther’s Farm on 10/28/16

  • Language Arts- This quarter we read the book Ben and Me by Robert Lawson, a 15 chapter book which chronicles the life of Benjamin Franklin. We worked on our writing skills, which included punctuation and capital letters. We also mastered 6 spelling lists.


  • General Math- We learned place value, rounding, sequencing, problem solving, and even and odd numbers


  • - In Algebra we learned about positive and negative numbers, exponents, the commutative, associative, and distributive properties, and factoring.


  • -We learned about points, lines, angles, axioms, postulates, and proofs.


  • -In science class we learned about ecosystems, populations, reproduction, DNA, medicine in Colonial America, fevers, and polio.


  • Social Studies- The class learned about ancient cultures around the world.


  • - The class enjoyed learning about basketball

  • - The class did a door decorating project

  • -The high school learned about rap, R&B, rock, jazz, and hip-hop.

Our project based learning for the quarter was built around the Colonial period in American history. We learned about the issues which led up to the Revolutionary War, the battles of the Revolutionary War, medical practices during the Colonial period, the mathematics of how bloodletting affects the body, and spelling lists which reflected Colonial period words.

Middle School 1st Quarter News Mr. S & Mr. Minor’s Class (August – October 2016)

In the News,

During the first quarter, students worked on capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, identifying nouns, pronouns, adjective and adverbial phrases. Students created compound sentences using commas, conjunctions, and semicolons. Moani is one of the students in class who has completed many writing samples and enjoys writing.

Mathematics – Students worked on ratios and proportions as well as decimals, powers of based ten, one step equation solving, the order of operations, as well as reviews in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Currently students have been working on comparing numbers using greater than, less than or equal and absolute value. Dreyohn and John really enjoy math and love to participate.

In Science this quarter, students learned about the principles of the Cell Theory which include 1) All living things are made of cells 2) Cells are the smallest living unit of structure and function of all organisms and 3) All cells arise from preexisting cells (this principle discarded the idea of spontaneous generation). Students are now beginning to review Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Social Studies – Students spent the quarter reviewing the state capitals of the United States, as well as learning the history of Cleveland, Ohio. Students completed an exercise about the six types of government which include: democracy, republic, monarchy, aristocracy, dictatorship, and democratic republic. Students and staff also discussed 9/11 and its impact then and now. Ethan really enjoys sharing what he has learned in the past or have heard on the news,

Students worked on a few different art projects during the quarter which included sketching shapes and house floor plans. Currently students are working on a classroom door contest. Ja’mya, Alonzo and Jeremiah have been excited about the painting and construction paper projects they have been working on. Students also completed a popsicle stick building activity as well.

Students participated in P.E. time two days a week. During this time students walk 5 laps around the gym and then participate in exercises that include jumping jacks, lunges, etc. Students have the opportunity at times to play basketball, football, etc. Anthony, Gavin, and Jedaiah look forward to this time of exercise as well as structured activities.

Students learned about checking accounts. Mr. S. shared the differences in banking in 2016 as compared to when he was in middle/high school. In past years, banking customers used checks and deposit slips compared with 2016, when more people use debit cards or their wireless apps on their mobile phones for banking. Students learned how to write checks by completing many examples. Sam was so impressed by the activity and what Mr. S. shared that his grandparent opened a checking account for him.



This has been our 1st Quarter Update.

What’s Happening:

* This month we completed a project based learning unit on the election process. We learned about the requirements to vote, the voting process, the difference between a democrat and a republican, and the statistics on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We also voted for our class President Damir, Vice President DeShawn, and our First (and only) Lady Roberta.


* In Mathematics we have been working on Fractions. We practiced identifying fractions of a shape, adding and subtracting with like denominators, and converting unlike denominators to like to add or subtract.


*In Science we have started a study on Mammals.


*In Social Studies we have been learning about famous inventions.


*Friday, October.14th is Ms. Ashley’s last day in our classroom! How sad! She is moving to Florida to start new ventures. We now welcome Mr. Gaines, (Mr.G) to our room!




We will be having a spirit week for Halloween the week of October 24-31. It also will be for the study of red ribbon week which is an anti-drug campaign.

Mon. Oct.24th- Favorite Sports Team

Tues. Oct.25th- Crazy Socks/Shoes

Wed. Oct.26th- Hat Day

Thurs. Oct.27th- Mismatch

Fri. Oct.28th- Wear Red

Mon. Oct.31st-Halloween Costumes


A Look Ahead:

October 21st: No School

October 28th: Field Trip to Luther’s Farm

October 31st: Halloween Party

November 23rd: Half day early dismissal

November 24th-28th: No school for Thanksgiving break

December 21st-January 3rd: Christmas Break (Back to School Wed. Jan.4th)


Field Trip!

As a reward for good behavior, using Leap’s level system, students will be earning a field trip to Luther’s Farm Market in Richfield on October 28th. They have many activities the children can partake in such as: a corn maze, a hayride, a small petting zoo, a corn pool, a pumpkin cannon, a story with a craft, a snack, hay throw, chasing a chicken and we will even get to pick our own pumpkins to bring home. Permission slips will be sent home, however this doesn’t necessarily mean each child has earned the trip. They have until October 27th to earn the trip. You will be notified then if your child is able to attend. If so, make sure they dress for any weather and pack a lunch that does not need prepared. We will have a picnic there.

Halloween Party

Students will be permitted to wear a costume on Mon., Oct.31st for our Halloween party. Students’ costumes must be appropriate, including but not limited to: no gory costumes, no face paint or masks, and all body parts must be covered as per normal everyday school guidelines. You are permitted to send your child with a treat if you so choose. We will have a snack, play games, do a craft, and watch a movie.


*The week of October 10-14 was National Fire Prevention Week. Students learned ways to deal with a house fire, how to keep themselves safe, and what to do in the event of a fire. They also learned the causes of house fires and what precautions to take to avoid them.

*Report cards will be sent home the week of the 24th marking the end of the first quarter.

*Happy Birthday Gary! Oct.26th


See you next time!!! Mrs. Holland, Ms. Ashley, and Mr. Gaines